Zac Byrd

Traditional and Neo-Traditional | Precise and Clean Tattoos | Black & Grey and Color

Zac Byrd – Charlotte, NC Tattoo Artist

My name is Zac Byrd. I grew up in Concord. I’ve been a professional tattooer for a little over a year now but an artist my whole life. Before I took my art to skin I primarily drew realistic portraits with pencil. Venturing into the tattoo world, however, I had to dig deeper into my mind to attain the ability to create rather than just replicate. Nowadays every piece of art I create is original, taking inspiration from multiple sources that interest me. I believe my background in realism has given me a keen eye for detail and my perfectionism is what pushes me to never settle with ‘good enough’. I thoroughly enjoy making black and gray tattoos and color tattoos. Whether it’s simple and meaningful or an intricate masterpiece, I like for the tattoos I create to be clean and aesthetic. Outside of tattooing I am that guy who is still hoping my metal band will take off (haha Alex’s bio), even though the band causes me more bills than it pays for. I’ve had my hand in many different facets of life whether it be music, dealing cards at poker games, skateboarding, or just art in general. Tattooing, however, has captivated me to where I am no longer able to turn off the part of my brain that obsesses over becoming the best artist I can be.

Zac Byrd’s Portfolio