Melissa Remington

Top Rated Body Piercer at Body Piercing Shop in Charlotte, NC

Melissa Remington – Charlotte, NC Body Piercer

My name is Melissa Remington. I was raised in Lake George, NY, where I first discovered my passion for piercing. I moved to Charlotte in the spring of 2017 and found a happy home here at Canvas Tattoo and Art Gallery.

I decided I wanted to become a Professional Piercer after getting my first piercing at 13 years old. The moment I stepped into my first Tattoo Parlor, I was in love. Piercing became the only thing I was truly passionate about. To this day, the most important things in my life are family, piercing, and cats (proud crazy cat lady)!

My apprenticeship took place from spring 2012 to spring of 2013, after completing a degree in Business. During my apprenticeship, I learned from two talented and experienced piercers. My background in business, along with my thorough apprenticeship and years of experience as a piercer, allow me to bring a skilled and professional approach to body modification. I continue to learn and better myself with every experience and every piercing to be the best piercer I can be, and to provide each person with a happy and comfortable experience here at Canvas Tattoo and Art Gallery. I love that I get to play a part in helping people express themselves. I strive to make everyone feel safe, welcomed, and taken care of.

I am confident I can provide you with a fun and comfortable experience, even if you are a bit nervous! I want to share my passion and show everyone how great piercings can be.

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