Conan McParland

Connecting the realistic with the unrealistic, organic and the nonorganic | Black & Grey / Colour | Cover-Ups

Conan McParland – Charlotte, NC Tattoo Artist

My name Is Conan. I was born in Connecticut and attended college there studying, not art, but history. Art was always something I used to escape, never something I thought could shape who I am and what I love to do. I’m what you call an Autodidact, which means I am self-taught.

About 10 years ago I saw tattoos that were a new style at the time, called colour realism. One was a colour portrait of Will Ferrell actually! When I saw this, it lit a fire that is burning still. I couldn’t believe a tattoo like this could even be achieved. I was now on a mission. I started spending all my energy learning this craft and still seek to learn each and every day. I have to credit my good friend Frank Luca for helping me learn the core elements of tattooing. He instilled in me the belief that artists must continue learning every day, being critical of everything they do, never being complacent with what they have learned. I bring that passion to each and every tattoo.

I believe you’re only as good as your last tattoo and I treat each client like I was tattooing a loved one where I’d have to face my work each day. I love the art of tattooing and find that each client easily becomes a friend. Tattooing is a long process and since I’m so outgoing and love to chat, I find that strong relationships are built, and I truly enjoy making those connections. I value each client and no matter the size of the tattoo, I am fully committed to the process and your complete satisfaction. If I had to describe my style, I’d say that I enjoy connecting the realistic with the unrealistic, organic and the nonorganic. I love black and grey as well as colour, I’ve gotten over time to have a real connection with cover-ups, as I seem to be a bit of a problem solver.

Please stop in, email, or call and remember the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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