Alex Santaloci

Professional Charlotte, NC tattoo artist at Canvas Tattoos, plays for Greensboro Roller Derby.

Alex Santaloci – Charlotte, NC Tattoo Artist

Hi, I’m Alex, I’ve been doing art since I can remember and I have been tattooing since 2010. I’ve wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was probably ten or eleven. Originally I’d intended to go straight into tattooing after high school, but like many idiot teenagers, I thought my metal band was going to take off. Since that didn’t happen, I got started a little later than planned. As far as tattoos go, I like doing pretty much everything, but geekery, food and pop culture tattoos are my favorite. In my spare time I draw and paint almost compulsively. I really enjoy playing roller derby and have been playing since 2011.

Alex Santaloci Portfolio